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National Dress Your Pet Up Day

Posted by Sammantha on

My favourite dress up day of the year!!

I asked Max earlier to write a piece on this and he passed up the opportunity… he doesn’t “agree” with it. It seems he’s not alone. So many people ask me “Why do you do that to your dog?” and “Surely he hates it?” Firstly, he’s a chihuahua – he gets cold easily and therefore, as a responsible dog owner, I put a coat or sweater on him when I take him for walks. He associates his “clothing” with walks, fun and frolicking outside.

mrpoochie So when I dress him up, no, he doesn’t “hate” it, he loves it! He loves the attention and fuss he gets off passers by. I can’t take him out without at least one person doing the “awwww” as they walk past, even grown men! My cat, however, doesn’t like dressing up – I tried once – he looked uncomfortable. I never tried again.

In my opinion, he looks a beauty! So smart and handsome, especially in this photo on the left.

He also won this years Tombola bingo pet competition and beat over 200 other entrants (the elf costume below)! He got a special treat for that one!!

1459269_10152154347934734_1018222922_n (1)

Pet costumes are getting more and more popular. We import most of ours from America and as far as we know, we’re the only ones in the UK that stock them. There’s not a massive range within the UK suppliers so we end up selling to some really serious competition entrants as they know they’ll be very unlikely to bump into another dog wearing the same outfit! In America, dressing up animals is bigbusiness and we’re slowly catching up. Attitudes are slowly changing, and I hope in future there’ll be less animosity towards people that let their pet join in the fun!!

Some of our 2014 collection